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Marine Sharpshooter is a first-person shooter computer and video game developed by Jarhead Games and published byGroove Games, released March 20, 2003. A sequel, Marine Sharpshooter II: Jungle Warfare, was released in 2004.
Marine Sharpshooter on iOS was published by groove games, and acquired by XMG Studio on March 22, 2010. Marine Sharpshooter on iOS has hit number one in multiple countries, and has been downloaded over a million times
Marine Sharpshooter's gameplay involves both sniping and close quarters combat. The game's environment varies from the caves and small villages of Afghanistan, to snowy cliffs and rooftops of Chechnya, to sandy beaches and jungles of Pacific island. Interaction between player and environment is minimal.
The game features simulations of the real sniper rifles used by the US Marine Corps snipers, as well as other real weapons, such as assault riflespistols, and sniper rifles. There is even the occasional RPG used by the enemy.
The game features sniping, with the ability to use the sniper rifle's scope to zoom in on far away targets, as well as close quarters combat using a pistol with an optional silencer or using a knife. Several points in the game require the player to stay in one spot engaging hostiles that emerge from various doorways and windows. At other times, the player can explore the map freely.
The game features a semi-intelligent spotter, who can be set to follow you or hold position, and "hold fire" or "fire at will". The spotter call out the compass heading of the direction that enemies are in as they come within a certain range. The spotter can also assist the player in engaging enemies. You fail a mission if the spotter dies or if you die.
The game features a few first-aid kits as standard inventory, which will patch you up a little after taking hits. Your spotter has his own kits, and he will use them during lulls in fighting. You cannot patch him up, nor vice versa. There are also no further kits or ammo available within the mission. What you bring is all you have aside from the little ammo you get from the sniper rifles you pick up from dead enemies.
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DirectX 8.0a
Pentium III 550MHz Processor

32MB SVGA DirectX-compatible 3D Accelerated Video Card

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